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At Innovative Environments, our landscape designs begin with a comprehensive client meeting to discuss the vision, purpose, and direction of the project.  We will work with you on budget constraints and find solutions that meet your needs.


Based on this meeting, we will develop landscape designs to share with you to help you visualize the finished project and determine the best construction materials to use that will increase the sustainability and performance of the landscape designs and construction.

We work to ensure that the project is done in a timely and cost-effective manner.  We understand that sometimes projects can experience challenges based on the availability of supplies, weather, changes to the original landscape designs, etc, but we focus on immediate communication to ensure you are well-informed during each phase of the project.

Innovative Environments focuses on transparent decision-making that allows every customer to understand our process for visualizing and producing landscape designs, resulting in a shared vision throughout the project. Our customers have direct access to the owner so there is never a question of accountability during the design and implementation phases.

Landscape sketch 1.jpg
Lanscape sketch 2.jpg
Landscape sketch 4.jpg
Landscape sketch 3.jpg
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